Tejashwi Yadav Finds Patna Hospital Head Preparing To Sleep During Check

Tejashwi Yadav visited Patna Medical College Hospital the previous evening to see with his own eyes the state of government emergency clinics in the city.

Patna: The bed was prepared, finished with a mosquito net, in the Superintendent’s office in the Patna Medical College Hospital as the senior authority was found getting ready to rest during Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav’s unexpected visit to the clinic the previous evening.

Mr Yadav visited PMCH the previous evening to see with his own eyes the state of government clinics in the city in front of a gathering with senior wellbeing authorities.

Visuals showed an unclaimed body lying in the hall as opposed to being moved to the funeral home and lost creatures meandering in the clinic.

Subsequent to bringing up a few inconsistencies, he visited the Superintendent’s office. As the watchman opened the entryway in the midst of questions whether the Superintendent has been dozing, he was viewed as amazed to see Mr Yadav, who is likewise the state wellbeing priest.

Mr Yadav communicated his dismay over the situation in the medical clinic, including tidiness and different perspectives. As he entered the wards, patients and their guests set forward their objections that went from inaccessibility of medications to messy latrines.

One couldn’t remain here,” Mr Yadav commented seeing soil and clinical waste spread around in the medical clinic.

Patients griped that the latrines are messy and that even the ladies utilize the compensation and-use ones outside the clinic. Recommended drugs are not accessible in the clinic’s drug store and they need to purchase those from outside, the patients told the priest.

Mr Yadav noticed the inaccessibility of senior specialists around evening time. As medical caretakers were seen releasing the obligations of the wellbeing chief, he likewise tried to know why a wellbeing director isn’t selected around evening time.

We reviewed PMCH, Gardiner Hospital, and Gardanibagh Hospital. The state of the Tata ward in PMCH is more terrible. I was informed individuals from different locale come here for treatment so I needed to come and check whether there are any issues,” Mr Yadav told news office ANI.

He said there was no satisfactory plan of meds in the drug store and senior specialists were not accessible during his visit. “There was no tidiness, there was heedlessness in all things. The patients are not getting any offices,” he said.

Nonetheless, the priest guaranteed the public authority will “retouch” the issues continuing to happen in the clinics.


I considered the director and said that it is his obligation. There was no program, no participation was kept. Their untruth was uncovered. Move would be made. Our administration will patch the escape clauses,” he said.